The Protectors

Conceived by Israel Idonije, lifelong comic fan and 11-year NFL veteran, The Protectors is the first release from Athlitacomics. Idonije selected writer Ron Marz and artist Bart Sears to bring his vision to the finish line. The Protectors combines sports action and superhero adventure as never seen before.

The Protectors are a chosen handful of professional athletes who learn they are blessed with more than elite athletic ability. Football superstar Isaac Chike seems to have the perfect life of success, wealth and fame. But this life is turned upside down when he discovers his true purpose. Isaac learns he is destined to be one of The Protectors, a small group of gifted heroes blessed with miraculous powers. Now Isaac and a handful of other star athletes (baseball’s Miguel Montiero, basketball’s Douglass Larter, soccer’s Danielle Peters and hockey’s Gerard Rioux) must choose between the lives they know and the greater good of protecting mankind from enemies intent on enslaving the world.

Athlitacomics did a limited-edition launch of issues #0 and #1. The initial five-issue miniseries will introduce the characters, concepts and conflicts, recounting the origin of The Protectors, as well as their first major battle with the Dissenters.

Digital downloads of The Protectors issues #0 and #1 are available for purchase on Groupees. They are also in all 80 locations of the Chicago Public Library.